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wrestling is awesome...unce unce unce unce unce unce unce unce... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
a'hoy im josh.

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(no subject) [Apr. 27th, 2005|04:24 pm]
a'hoy im josh.
weeeeeeell....la de FUCKING damn. i went to juvey. for a month. i got into 7 fights while i was there and i have to get more surgery done on my wrist again. because u all know how i had hurt it before and how its like permanently damaged and stuff..well while i was there we were given some free time and i was in there benching weights and shit when this dude..j.c. comes up behind me and pushes down on the weights. well i was able to hold off the weight from dropping on me and stuff but the strain of holding all that weight up damaged my wrist again. well i was sitting there pushing on the weights and he was pushing down really hard when my friend shain looked over and saw what was happening and came up and knocked jc away and shit. yeah then i got up and hit the shit out of him. he was always afraid of me and i guess he saw the whole "weight thing" as a way to finally get a shot at me. well he was basically putting all his weight on the bar but he still didnt get his shot lol. i mean its not like i was actually lifting that much. i was only benching 195..i can do more then that but in juvey there is usually lots of guys in the gym and there isnt enough weights to be able to lift a lot. so if i had been maxing out im sure he wouldve been able to push it down on my neck. i dont know what he was planning on doing exactly. anyhow. i broke up with sara a few days after i got in juvey. it just wasnt working for me you know? and then i found out shawn is basically in love with her and shit lol so me and mark and pai-pai all got together and we made a "plan" to hook them up. so they r dating now..*props to all of us*. alright thats all folks.
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unce unce unce unce...unce unce unce unce unce unce... [Mar. 4th, 2005|05:56 pm]
a'hoy im josh.
[how im feelin is |jubilantjubilant]
[im jammin 2 |sublime-smoke two joints]

i punched out james. i aint goin to sit here and take him writing notes like that to my girlfriend. i dont see how saras old boyfriend put up with that shit. i think she told him...ya she did. i mean damn she shows me one note from him to her and i went over asked him bout it and when his answer didnt satisfie my...to quote the cop that handcuffed me..."rage". ya i sent him to the er. they had the ambulance come and take him and everything. i accidentally hit the old secruity officer...i didnt mean to honestly...he got in the way trying to hold me back. he got in-between me and my target...i mean damn that was pretty stupid. well i walked up to james and asked him what the hell he thinks hes doin writng shit to my girlfriend. and he tells me that i dont own her and that he gonna be writing her whatever he wants. and ok shes standing right behind me and wispering in my ear for me to calm down....and he looks at her and says hey sara right after he fuckin tells me that shit. i just hit him after that....and then i hit him a few more times...and a few more after that...haha after that...i kind of lost track...so sue me. but it seems that my 1st hit sent him into the lockers...and he busted his head open. and turns out i can hit hard enough to give a guy a concusion! ya they had the DARE officer that was down at the middle school come arrest me...i didnt know i was hitting him that long that they be able to see us, run down to teh middle school, FIND the freakin cop guy, and run all the way back up and pull the handcuffs out on me. yeah they freakin handcuffed me. i sat in that fuckin office for 4 freakin hours!!!! damn dude!!! that as boring...yeah well im done typing bout this...this took...2 minutes and 56 seconds to type and thats enough of my day wasted away....just ask me later. o but good news dad aint mad. i told him why i did it and he gave me money to take sara to the movies...haha. and plus hes pissed at the school board for giving me 2 weeks c/stop and 2 weeks iss. rock on.
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YUPP... [Feb. 21st, 2005|07:44 pm]
a'hoy im josh.
[how im feelin is |giddygiddy]
[im jammin 2 |my dad yelling at the xbox]

well if u havent already read saras journal...me and sara r going out. yeah so thats cool. other than that nothing ever happens in my medeocre life...damn is that how u spell that? i dont know..
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do'h [Feb. 20th, 2005|03:14 pm]
a'hoy im josh.
[how im feelin is |highhigh]
[im jammin 2 |coheed and cambria-blood red summer]

dude...we went paintballing yesterday...damn. i got a bruise on the bac of my head from stupid ass sara who shot me even tho im on her team!!! I WAS ON UR TEAM!!! ya she sayz its cuz i was bein a dumbass and was gonna give away her "posistion" wit my "hand motions"...idk. and then my dad shot me like 10 times in the leg b4 we started. he said he was checkin to c if his gun was workin right...haha that dumbass. ya i couldnt shoot him back cuz i was still settin up my gun and loading it and shit. on the way over we all got in this big conversation about nothing....ya and we played truth or dare in the van...IN THE VAN!!! haha that was pimpin. o listen to this...one of the quest mark asked sara was outa all ur friends who u think is the hottest? ya and she says either josh(dat me!!) or jake...and since she never have a chance wit jake since hes 19 now that means me..ya. and adam was all pissed cause sara broke up wit him after 1 day. i jus thought it was funny. anyway thats my fun ass weekend for u....10-4 copy that...im signing out...god i sound so gay.

the m&m king rules over u all
(das me!!!)

for my mood im putting high cause i want to c how it looks...im not actually high...jus thought id clear that up for yuns
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hmmmmmm... [Feb. 8th, 2005|07:21 pm]
a'hoy im josh.
[how im feelin is |boredbored]
[im jammin 2 |none]

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weelll...wut can i say...i was bored...but hey..i learned something from these quizes...they say that i dream of meadows, peircon is the best sex i ever had..(huh?!?!?!?), and that sara secretly wants to fuck me...lmao wow...
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these r my fantastic undies according to this quiz [Feb. 8th, 2005|07:14 pm]
a'hoy im josh.
[how im feelin is |cynicalcynical]

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boom chicka boom chicka...BOOM!! la la la la laaaaa... [Feb. 5th, 2005|10:57 am]
a'hoy im josh.
[how im feelin is |chipperchipper]
[im jammin 2 |the killers]

well im not grounded anymore...yeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss...lol. thanx for the napoleon pic sara. u guys like my new default pic for this thing? ya thats wut i got from sara. lol its awesome. kaily....o y dont u make some steaks tonight? im sure dad wont mind...well he minded. lol BUT im ungrounded now so u guys can be happy again. yes i was grounded for making a steak. but thats just the way life is. i will go and get my m&m's bac now. i had them chained in the basement for long enough i think....

-the m&m king
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(no subject) [Jan. 19th, 2005|09:27 pm]
a'hoy im josh.
[how im feelin is |pissed offpissed off]
[im jammin 2 |five iron frenzy]

daaanngg!!! turns out kyle went and cheated on sara with his ex! that really pisses me off. im not ashamed to say that ive basically been best friends with sara since 6th grade so that really really pisses me off. if i wasnt somwut friends with him i would kick his ass for this. damn...with his ex...thats low. any way jus wanna say im sorry sara and i will kick his ass for u if u want me 2. ive been friends with u a lot longer and ur a much better friend then he is. wut surprises me is he admitted it. anyway later people.

-ur wishie washie joshie
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darn [Jan. 10th, 2005|03:46 pm]
a'hoy im josh.
[how im feelin is |pissed offpissed off]
[im jammin 2 |five iron]

aaaaaaaahhh!!! someone beat me 2 it!!! i was gonna ask her today and kyle beat me 2 it...o well, wut can i say. there is a lesson 2 be learned here....never wait 2 long when ur wantin 2 ask a girl out cuz if shes hot an she hasnt had a boyfriend in a while, then there is a very good chance she will be gettin one soon. i wanted it to be me but...damn kyle asked her out before me cuz he has her in 2nd. i was gonna ask her at lunch. shit. i should have asked her in 1st...we have 1st 2gether...DAMN! o well..kyles my "homie" lol. ya ive been friends wit him since 6th grade so i cant get pissed jus over a chick. n e how talk to yall later

joshie poo
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hey hey hey [Jan. 7th, 2005|04:29 pm]
a'hoy im josh.
[how im feelin is |naughtynaughty]
[im jammin 2 |metallica-wherever i may roam]

ok...i got my report card today! i got 2 A's a B and a F in latin. latin sucks ass. never take it. its too hard! and i swear on my dead dog that Dr. ovalson, the latin teacher, is demon possesed. i had to pay a damn 30$ to get a pollution test done on my car yesterday. my "pimpin the hood ghetto car" as sara calls it. sara lapp not my sisters friend sara bunckum. she is 2 weird...she always tries to cook with my dad when shes over...lol. she cant cook 4 nothin either. she burnt my macaroni. damn her...lol. my dad is the head chef 4 outback steak-house. so hes a good cook...damnit all now im thinkin bout eatin a nice big steak...now im hungry. n e ways, in case u dont kno my car is actually pretty ghetto. i built it myself. lol i used 2 work in this old police junk yard. it was where the hendo police dupmed their old used cars and trashed up ones that owners didnt want after they been towed and other shit like that. i built my own freakin car!!!! lol its great 2. it works! i had to have a test done on it 2 make sure it was "road safe" and it passed so when i get my license in nov. i can be drivin it on other roads then jus the back ones!! lmao ok. we had to cancel our wrestlin match today cuz mitchell couldnt show up 4 some reason. i was lookin 4ward to nailing one of them guys agian. we always win matches against them. we only lost one match this yr!!! whoo hoo! thats pretty good 4 our school considering we absolutly suck at every other sport...well...we all right at basketball. but the whole basketball sport sucks n e way so wuts to get excited bout 4 that? i think i will ask that girl out. i really like her. she hot 2! lol so wish me luck yall!!


ummmm these mood things r awesome! so if i ever put up the horny one or somthing then dont get freaked....im jus messin round with them. they r so awesome...lmao damn. i like the naughty one...lmao
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